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ChannelStorm 2.0 a TV studio inside your Mac (even portable)

This new version of the application called "the portable TV studio" includes a new dynamic interface, the possibility of real time compositing of multiple video sources and the possibility of producing broadcasting not only on the Internet (Live Channel IP), but also directly on video (Live Channel TV equipped with) to VCR, BetaCam devices, monitors, projectors, TV transmitters etc. or simultaneously to both media (Live Channel Pro).

Live Channel 2.0, the exclusive application of the Mac platform, therefore allows you to have the potential of a complex and expensive television broadcasting studio in the space, for example, of a single Powerbook.

Haggai Borkow, president of Channel Storm, said that with Live Channel 2.0 his company provides a powerful and easy-to-use tool ideal for any organization, university, company or individual user and allows you to integrate and synchronize audio, video, graphics and presentations making real professional video productions and their broadcasting via Quick Time web streaming on the internet and, for example, on a VHS video recorder or on a television transmitter thanks to the Video-Out.

Channel Storm has increased the total level of control thanks to a new dynamic graphic interface, thanks to new special effects as well as new compositing potentials.Some of the most important companies such as Alcatel and Lockheed Martin, or universities such as Berkeley, Stanford, Cambridge, Columbia and Cornell use Live Channel as a strategic communication tool with their staff, their students and customers. "If Desktop Publishing marked the first wave of the digital revolution, now with new digital production and transmission tools, broadcasting is about to acquire a new dimension, a new communication tool for everyone ‚ÄĚprophesies Borkow.

Channel Storm will sell the current Live Channel version to MacWorld with a pre-release of the new version 2.0 in blundle at a discounted price of 30% (699 dollars against 999 of the full price). The upgrade to version 2.0 will then be available for free on its market debut next month. It is possible to download a demo of Live Channel Pro at the address. To view a demo on the use of Live Channel in quicktime streaming just connect this address

(By Rudy Belcastro)