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Change the Expo calendar logomacitynet1200wide 1

There were not a few who wondered what news could ever be presented at the MacWorld in Tokyo (February), so close to that of San Francisco (January), in fact in the last Japanese MacWorld the two less glorious iMacs of the last few years debuted, those that finally had the burners but nothing more: the Dalmatian and the FlowerPower. Now the IDG (which organizes the MacWorld) announces that it has repositioned the MacWorld in Tokyo for March 21, 2002 instead of the expected (so far) February. those who had already reserved their participation in the country of the Rising Sun on their agenda but at least they could legitimately expect the presentation of something different from what will be seen in the Bay Area at the beginning of 2002. Another disadvantage that the spring period coveted for tourists in Japan and therefore, as far as possible, the prices down there will be even more astronomical, if you really want to protest, do it at this IDG address

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