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Change fonts on Android: 3 free applications

Cambiare font su Android

There are many smartphone owners who would like change fonts on Android, but they don't know how. With the green robot platform, this operation is very intuitive, since it is enough to resort to the system settings. With Samsung devices, you can change the phone's fonts by choosing them comfortably from a list or by purchasing new ones for a fee (on average around 1 euro).

Fortunately, there are several useful apps on the Play Store for change fonts on Android. With this article we point out three, namely iFont, HiFont is FontInstaller.

iFont change fonts on Android

iFont: of all the applications to modify writing, the one released by diyun is certainly one of the most valid. Light (4.9 Mb), free and compatible even with older smartphones (Android versions 2.2 and above), iFont allows you to choose from many system fonts, to create restorable backups and to change their size. In principle, I tell you that if you own a Samsung you do not need the root, but before testing it, I invite you to check the smartphones on which the root is requested and those that are not needed.

HiFont change fonts on Android

HiFont: This free application belonging to the personalization category works with all Android smartphones with version 2.2 and above and does not require root. Once started HiFont, all you have to do is choose the font to use and proceed with the setting as a system font. At that point, even if you decide to uninstall HiFont, the developer does not make you lose the changes made. You can therefore always have your font. If those offered by default by this application are not enough (and believe it are not a few), you can also take them from other sources and install them without problems.

Font Installer change fonts on Android

Font Installer: in reference to how change fonts on Android, we can say that the operation of the application released by JRummy Apps Inc. does not differ much from that of HiFont. Once you have downloaded from the tools category of the Play Store and installed on Android versions 1.6 and above, just download one of the font available in the interface (more than 1,000 characters available) or to those present on other sources that you can save on the memory of your smartphone. Font Installer for needs root permissions for its proper functioning.

To conclude, changing writing on Android will never get bored, thanks to these 3 free applications.

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