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CES 2013: even the cutlery becomes smart, HAPIfork is the Bluetooth fork that saves the line

CES 2013: anche la posata diventa smart, HAPIfork รจ la forchetta Bluetooth che salva la linea

CES 2013: even the cutlery becomes smart, HAPIfork the Bluetooth fork that saves the line CES 2013: cutlery also becomes smart, HAPIfork the Bluetooth fork that saves the line Presentation complete with a white coat

Among the many accessories seen at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year, the palm of originality and extravagance certainly belongs to the curious smart fork: a special wireless cutlery that promises to keep an eye on how to eat by alerting the user if eat too much or too fast.

The cutlery (65 grams) for sale for 75.00 euros and integrates a control electronics (a Microchip Cortex M3 chip from ST Micro electronic) that identifies when the tips end up in the mouth by recording the times between mouthfuls.

In fact, one of the secrets for losing weight or keeping weight under control is to eat little and slowly: haste does not allow to assimilate well what is introduced into the body and hunger is not filled. In eating quickly there is a reduction in the release of the hormones of satiety, which instead should proceed with a release adequate to the amount of food ingested to lose weight; this is the reason why all dieticians and nutritionists recommend eating slowly and chewing for a long time. The problem also related to chewing: if this procedure is done incorrectly, digestion tends to be fatigued.

Hapifork communicates with the smartphone (iPhone, iOS or Android devices) and, using a dedicated app, records the average bite per minute, as well as the overall duration of lunch or dinner. Eating too quickly triggers an alarm: a slight vibration. The special cutlery can collect data on the user's eating habits and also monitor parameters such as heart rate. The product will be available from the French manufacturer from the second quarter of this year and can already be pre-ordered.

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