CCleaner to clean the PC and Mac in one click

CCleaner to clean the PC and Mac in one click

CCleaner one of the most used programs to clean your PC and Mac from obsolete files is no longer necessary for cleaning the system registry or internet cache. The software of Piriform, also available in Italian, is proposed in three versions. One free, the other Professional for 19.95 and the full Professional Plus for the price of 39.95.

both the version for Microsoft Windows10, 8, 7, Vista and XP, 32-bit and 64-bit, which version for Apple macOS.This last only in the free version and Professional for the price of 19.95. What distinguishes it CCleaner the ease of use that allows you to clean your PC and Mac with just a few clicks and in no time.

Clean your PC and Mac with CCleaner

Clean your PC and Mac an operation not to be underestimated. Significantly affects the performance of the machine. Over time, an unimaginable amount of unused files and registry keys are accumulated, slowing down the data processing process.

As much as I say, even the Mac needs a wipe: in fact, when you use itCCleaner, you will realize how many GB of garbage can be deleted from your Mac's memory. When the program is started, the various options available are highlighted on the left bar.

Features offered by CCleaner


  • Cleaning: from here you can check the cleaning operations you want the program to have done. Files that can be deleted because they are useless to Windows and MacOS will be identified. Just click on Analyzeto start the search and at the end appear the detail of the files to be deleted and the space that will be wiped. AwardsStart Cleaning to permanently delete files.
  • Register: From here we can select the types of files to be cleaned in the Registry. This operation allows to solve problems caused by corrupt Registry agents. Click on Find problems to look for registry problems and then click on Repair selected to correct and eliminate registry errors.


  • Tools: From here you can manage a series of functions that help keep the computer's performance high:
    • Uninstalling the programs: It is advisable to periodically check the programs installed on the computer. It often happens to have applications that we don't use anymore or that we find in the list without being aware of them because they are self-installed. These can be uninstalled directly from CCleaner.
    • In Start there are all those applications that run when the computer or Browser is started. These programs can cause a significant delay when the computer starts. The system in this phase must open numerous applications. Check if any of these do not need to be opened at startup, then delete it or disable it.
    • In Browser Plugin the elements that are set to be executed when the Browser is started are shown.
    • In Disc analysisthe computer is scanned identifying the types of files that take up disk space.
    • In Duplicate searchcan search for duplicate files on your PC. If you check it, you will find many, you can select them and eventually delete them.
    • In System recoveryyou can manage all the Recovery Points you have chosen to do or those that are performed automatically. From here you can view and remove them.
    • Reclamation Drive performs the task of optimizing the free disk space. It also allows you to securely destroy all data on a hard disk.
  • Options: From here you can change all the settings provided by the program.

To clean the PC and Mac I have always used the free version of CCleanerand it works great, so I recommend it to everyone.

The free version for PC Windowsyou can download from this link while the one for Mac from this link.