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Catventure: the feline adventures in a fun puzzle game

Catventure: the feline adventures in a fun puzzle game

In the vast field of app games, and in particular in the sector of puzzles and puzzles, there are few games capable of combining a past graphic style, in memory of titles that will surely have accompanied the childhood of many and in total contrast with modern styles, with an equally simple but well-articulated game concept in which to get lost for hours, what makes the application we want to tell you about, we are obviously talking about Catventure.

Made with the aim of proposing a game different from the usual ones, a puzzle game without too many complications in which the desire to waste time stands out and has fun with a series of increasing difficulties that will accompany you for hours without getting tired, as a good app for the entertainment should know how to do it ..

Functions and Utilities:

The features implemented in the app are few, a sign of the attention paid more to the game than to any side speech:

  • 55 unlockable difficulty levels
  • Complete guide on how the game works
  • Simple and detailed options panel

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The idea developed by Pozemka is able to create, on the display of your device, a window overlooking the past with a truly old-fashioned game concept in which, despite the very sparse graphics, it is possible to appreciate precisely that lack of attention to graphic details that do not distract and allow to focus on the purpose of the game and on the objectives as the first puzzle games did, involving the senses also thanks to the excellent choice of background sounds, which will accompany you in the various levels of difficulty.

Nothing simpler in the structural field, the application presents a simple reference homescreen in landscape, with rectangular keys that provide access to any function, such as choosing the language and changing the settings, the game screen instead without contour elements, only a button, at the click of which two elements are opened to bring up the menu and reload the level, located in the upper right area of ​​the display, resulting almost imperceptible.


In a case like this, the main aspects to be monitored are consumption and impact on the system, which are, like the simplicity of the graphics and the structure, well done.

Catventure an app game with an excellent hours-autonomy ratio, also in terms of colors and display lighting, with little, if not almost zero impact on the device memory, even though different and numerous applications are active in the background.


To have fun in the old style with a game without particular pretensions, the best solution onlyCatventure.

The application available on the Google Play Store for free, with a reduced weight, all excellent reasons to let it enter right into your collection of applications in the app drawer, and as a demonstration of we also leave you a preview video that I will show you what we were talking about:

Below is the link to Google Play Store:

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