Carsh, a single app to find all the cars in car sharing

Carsh, a single app to find all the cars in car sharing

An aggregator that finds all the cars of each operator with lots of promotions and route to reach them

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Car2Go, Enjoy, Twist, GuidaMi … Car sharing is a recent proposal here in Italy yet we already find dozens of very different services. The competition, we know, can only be positive but in this case it has a great disadvantage: to find a car near us we must open and close the individual apps of each operator making the seeks real torture. Now for music it changes since it was born Carsh, an app that aggregates all the car sharing services available in Italy.

Just open it and a map of the area in which we find ourselves appears. The gray dots tell us the number of cars available in a specific place while a side menu allows you to view only certain operators, excluding those that we consider too expensive or for which we do not have a subscription.

Once you have chosen the area, just click on a car and yes ready for booking. But not only. The button Nearest car take advantage of the GPS to know the route to reach the nearest car, the section Compare rates allows us to choose the perfect service for our needs while the part of promotions inform us of any discounts not to be missed.

To get to know it better we tried it in Rome where it is proved very reliable. The cars reported were really present and updated in real time just like on the websites of each operator. Also the level of petrol in the tank of each car was the actual one as well as the distance indicated to reach the car. In short, we can promote it with flying colors.

It must be said that the service currently active only in Milan, Florence, Rome, Naples and Cagliari but the creators ensure that it is already working for extend the range of action to other Italian cities. The app then only for iOS but the Android version should be available in days.


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