Car holder for Aukey smartphones

Car holder for Aukey smartphones

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I often use my smartphone as a car navigator, favoring this compared to the infotainment system integrated in the car, especially for the quality of the navigation software found on the stores, which are able to guarantee maps that are always updated without spending so many pennies every year for the updates of the integrated navigator.

One of the aspects to take into consideration when deciding to opt for such a solution, where to place the smartphone. Most cars on the market (if not all), do not allow you to position the phone in such a way as to allow the driver to look at the screen (and directions) effectively, so you have to rely on third-party solutions to connect to the windscreen.

Car support for smartphones

By performing a quick search you will find many car mounts with different features. Not being the only user of the car in the family, I looked for a solution that could adapt to different smartphone sizes (in my case from 4 and 5). So I decided to try the Aukey smartphone car holder that you can buy on Amazon.

The car mount for Aukey smartphones, model HD-C4S, is sold well packaged in a box that keeps the rod separate to connect to the windscreen from the support on which to place the smartphone. The assembly is very simple and consists simply of inserting a sphere into the support.

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This type of attachment allows the support not only to be rotated by 360 but also to be adjusted in height, thus allowing us to comfortably arrange the phone according to the type of use we want to do. Lasta easily connected to the windshield by means of a suction cup: unlike other supports, the suction cup does not passive, through a simple lever it is possible to apply pressure between the suction cup and the glass in order to have a more solid grip, avoiding finding ourselves with the support detached from the glass during the journey.

As anticipated at the beginning of the article, I was not looking for a support that could be adapted to a single type of smartphone but to different types with different screen sizes. The car holder for Aukey smartphones adjustable in width by a button on the right side: pressing, the side supports will widen to a maximum distance of about 11.5cm.

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Considering that a smartphone for 6 or about 8/9 cm wide, the Aukey smartphone holder fits effectively on all smartphones on the market. After placing the phone, the two side supports can be adjusted to fit it and offer a firm grip. Furthermore, two arms on the lower side prevent the inserted device from sliding downwards.

To offer more grip and prevent the phone from getting damaged, the support is lined internally with TPU rubber. If you are used to using a case with your smartphone you will not benefit from this solution, but if you have a phone made of aluminum like the iPhone that you can easily scratch, the rubber will prevent accidental scratches.

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Like other products made by this company, even the car mount for Aukey smartphonesoffers a solution that is well suited to solving user problems. The excellent suction cup coupling system, the possibility of being adjusted really at 360 and the rubbery material used to avoid accidental scratches make the Aukey model HD-C4S an excellent car support.

If you want to buy car mount for Aukey smartphonesyou can do it directly from Amazon, where it is currently sold at a discounted price of 10.99.