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Captain Bumper for MacOS X!

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Captain Bumper for MacOS X! logomacitynet1200wide 1

The game, produced by the French software company MacRun, is certainly among the nicest and best graphically made among the shareware games available: it is a story made in a "cartoon" style with fast animation created especially for the Mac. In fact, any PowerMac based on PowerPC (also runs on 5500, 6500 …) and 42 MB of Ram or Virtual Memory with MacOS 8.6 or higher is enough. "Captain Bumper" is a super hero who must free a captive princess on a mysterious planet .

The 11 MB demo is available on the MacRun website and can be downloaded in more parts than now, in version 1.1 it is perfectly compatible with Mac OS X. The complete program costs $ 25.

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