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Easily edit movies, import them directly from cameras and digital cameras, intuitively build sequences for export to disk or send by e-mail. All this from September will be possible not only by using iMovie but by Canon Video Edition, a new consumer-end video editing program produced by Canon's subsidiary working in the software industry. The press release announcing the next availability underlines the simplicity of the interface and the flexibility of the product that seems very similar in function and philosophy to iMovie. The various sequences, but also photographic images, can be imported directly from the cameras or digital cameras and even scanners, placed in the digital story board. Here the user can edit, edit and add effects. It is also possible to add texts that can rotate, zoom and vanish. Two audio tracks are also available, one to be used for direct sound and the second for music or comments. Canon Video can also create "self-executable" movies. In this way the recipient of the message will have no need to have any proprietary player available. Canon Video will cost less than $ 50 and will also be available for Macs at major Apple software retailers in the US.

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