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Cancel the undeletable with Mac OS X.

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Cancel the indelible with Mac OS X. –

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When a download is not completed or a copy is interrupted, "n meat n fish" documents are created, which the system may refuse to delete correctly.

So how do you eliminate them?

An Apple kBase illustrates some procedures, in relation to Internet Explorer but to similar applications in other applications that are based on a network: 1) choose "Download Manager" from the "Window" menu 2) select the partially downloaded file and press the Delete key or Command + Delete.

If this method does not work, proceed with some instructions in the Terminal to be followed scrupulously in order not to cause damage to the system, it is recommended to close any other open application: 1) type the text contained in the quotation marks exactly as it appears "sudo rm – r "without then typing the" Return "key. 2) drag the file icon to the Terminal window thus making exactly copy the name and press the" Return "key. 3) enter the administration password to authorize the action and press "Return".

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