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Calibrate the Android battery: guide

Calibrare la batteria Android

The duration of the battery one of the most common problems among mobile devices, including Android smartphones. Companies currently work on two solutions: the first, the effects of which will perhaps be seen in a couple of years, consists in speeding up battery charging, while the second is making the batteries more powerful, perhaps the component that less than the others it has made progress in all these years. In the meantime, however, how do you adjust if the indicator of the charge on your smartphone is experiencing sudden percentage changes? The ideal solution to know how calibrate the Android battery.

To avoid autonomy problems, I suggest you let the terminal discharge for exhaustion of the charge. After that, start to recharge it, until the indicator reaches 100%. At this point, keep the Android smartphone charged for another two hours, without taking into account the messages that will be shown on the display. After 120 minutes, unplug the device from charging to avoid damaging the battery.

Calibrate the Android battery guide

Now remove the battery from the terminal and reinsert it after a quarter of an hour. In order to calibrate the Android battery, you should charge the smartphone again and wait about ten minutes before switching on. When you have the opportunity to use the mobile phone's homescreen, unplug it from the charger.

The procedure is over and, as you can easily guess, there is nothing complicated. I invite you to do it only in the circumstance in which it is really necessary, because of too many percentage changes in the charge indicator. Never do it more than once every two months, for the simple fact that in the long run the performance of the batteries lithium ion Android smartphones tend to drop dramatically.

Finally, two very useful tips to avoid a lowering of the battery life are not to leave the terminal charged for a longer period than necessary and not to let it touch temperatures too high.

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