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Calculate eBay and Paypal commissions with ePay for iPhone

Calculate eBay and Paypal commissions with ePay for iPhone


ePay, the app to calculate eBay and Paypal commissions

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I would like to point out an interesting app for all Apple smartphones: ePay.

ePay is the ideal application for all users who are used to selling their used items on eBay or on the web.

As you know, in this period the online sale of used items has undergone an important growth and more and more users trying to make the deal of life by buying a used product on the web. Buy a used product that is convenient for everyone: the seller gets rid of something he did not use, the buyer buys a product he needs and saves a little something new.

Those who sell, however, if they use tools such as eBay or Paypal, have to pay tariffs, which are not even so low. Often and willingly, however, to calculate the fees and costs of eBay and Paypal complicated, because the sites in question are not so transparent and do not offer detailed information on the costs and expenses that the seller will have to face once the deal is concluded.

ePay, therefore, the iPhone app that will come in handy to all users who sell their used items on eBay or using Paypal. The program allows you to calculate eBay and Paypal rates based on the item we sell and its cost in an easy, fast and immediate way.

ePaysi can also consult in off-line mode and it works really well: in a few moments we will be able to know how much it will cost us to sell a certain object on the web.

The app weighs only 951 KB and can be downloaded for 0.89 inside the App Store.

To try!

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