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Bug receiving iPhone 4; the left side is indicted

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Bug receiving iPhone 4; the offending left side –

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One part of iPhone 4 seems to be more sensitive than the others when it comes to reproducing the bug that causes the signal to be reset and calls to drop. Insanely Great Mac was able to give a sort of scientificity to the problem and managed to accurately reproduce the bug.

The phenomenon, which now after one night can certify not to be isolated to a few phones but detailed in several dozen posts on forums of numerous American sites, seems to be determined by the touch of the lower left of the phone. When, as seen in the video below, you place your palm in that position, the signal begins to decrease until it disappears completely, causing the call to drop. We are therefore not faced with a software problem (as someone claimed in the first hours of the report's appearance) which only shows an incorrect graphic of the signal bars, but of a real descent of the real signal.

Waiting to learn even more and some official position, we can say that the worrying phenomenon for those who use to hold the phone in their left hand; with this posture it becomes practically impossible not to touch the phone in the lower left. But it is quite obvious that, apart from the grip preferences, if it were a widespread problem, Apple would be in an unpleasant situation since, at least at first glance, the solution to such a bug can only come from some hardware variation.

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