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Buffalo, web access to Nas with iPhone support

Buffalo Technology opens its Nas to iPhone. The possibility for users of the popular storage systems to access the contents stored on them also through the Apple phone was announced yesterday by Buffalo Technology itself.

The LinkStation series, in particular, the first of the Buffalo NAS families to support this sophisticated feature, which through a particularly intuitive and easy to install interface, allows users, wherever they are, to stream the digital content stored on the device .

Launching Safari on iPhone, connecting to the site http://buffalonas.com and entering the registration data of their LinkStation, in fact, users will be able to access their files, listen to their music, as well as view their videos and photos.

The new Apple iPhone Web Access feature will be included in the firmware of all new LinkStation Live models starting next September. Users of the LinkStation Pro Duo and LinkStation Mini devices can download the updated firmware free of charge from www.buffalotech.com.

"In maintaining our role as an innovative company in the technology sector, we continue to work to improve the functionality of our products in line with market trends. With the advent of the Apple iPhone, users began to request more functionality from their mobile phones, which is why we have extended the capabilities of Web Access so as to facilitate access to multimedia content wherever you are through your phone. , ”Commented Frederic Frati, Buffalo Technology's Southern European Sales Director.