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Buddy School: Educational Games, learn while having fun with Android

Buddy School

Thanks to the leaps and bounds made in recent years, it is possible to combine technology with the educational sector, making any smartphone the perfect tool to help children learn. In particular, Buddy School: Educational Games it is the most suitable app for this purpose, as it covers all ages, ranging from preschool (3-6 years) up to pre-adolescence (6-15 years).

Buddy School: Educational Games for all ages

Multiple educational mathematical games included, specially designed to guide each child in an exciting adventure aimed at solving the most disparate puzzles, quizzes, memory games as well as puzzles including additions, subtractions, multiplication tables and mnemonic math games. All designed to also adapt to primary and secondary school children.

Your children will no longer have excuses for not practicing and studying mathematical operations, because thanks to Buddy School, learning to perform additions, subtractions, multiplications and divisions will be a breeze, and the multiplication tables, nightmare of every young student, will not be more a problem!

Interface and features offered

The well-designed interface of the app is particularly intuitive, giving immediate access to the main training objectives, divided by age group:

For preschoolers: aged between 3 and 6 years

  • Learn to recognize numbers and understand the relationship between quantity and number;
  • Improve speed, attention and psychomotor skills through play;
  • Learn the first words, letters, consonants and vowels (reading and writing – abc) in a fun way in your native language: Italian;
  • Learn to count (count);
  • Start learning English for preschoolers (kindergarten);
  • Learn and improve coordination and motor skills for the little ones;
  • Develop visual awareness of different moving shapes and objects;
  • Develop attention and concentration in children.

For primary school children (between 6 and 12 years old) and secondary school children (from 12 years old)

  • Increase the counting skills (counting for the little ones);
  • Practice additions with numbers appropriate for their age;
  • Learn how to subtract numbers with numbers appropriate to their level of knowledge of logic and mathematics;
  • Learn mathematical logic through logical sequences;
  • Learn and practice with simple multiplication tables and divisions;
  • Improve mnemonic math.

But Buddy School is not only limited to improving logical and mathematical skills, but also includes support for many different languages, including: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Portuguese, Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Chinese and Korean, which will give your children the opportunity to start taking their first steps towards new cultures and countries.


Downloadable for free on the Google Play Store, and also available for iOS, this turns out to be the best alternative if you are looking for free Android apps for kids, capable of showing off educational games suitable for learning without neglecting the fun.

Mathematical Games: Addition Subtraction Times Tables

To expand everything, offering a real hub dedicated to individual growth with specific objectives, two additional games are added, also available completely free of charge for both iOS and Android, which will allow your children to expand their knowledge with an experience to discover!

Mathematics Games: Addition Educational games for kids: Learn to count

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