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Brown spots on the iPhone 4 screen, will they disappear by themselves?

Brown spots on the iPhone 4 screen, will they disappear by themselves? – Macitynet.it

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At least one of the two most macroscopic problems encountered during the first few hours of iPhone 4 availability could disappear on its own. The bug we are talking about determines the appearance of some spots with desaturated color and brownish-yellow hues reported by several worried American users; to offer hope a message appeared on the AppleInsider forum.

In the post, a forum user whose nickname "austingaijin" claims that the phenomenon produced by a partial, only partial drying of an organofunctional agent called Silane Z-6011 and used to glue the layers of glass. The assembler (Foxconn) under pressure would be sending the phones continuously without having time to start the evaporation that normally takes place while the devices are still in the factory. According to "austingaijin" after two or three days of use with the screen on, the process will be completed while the phones are in the buyers' houses.

It is currently impossible to swear the consistency of the claims of the Appleinsider user who claims to be aware of the facts because he was involved in the process that led Apple to use the Z-6011. In the Macrumors forum, however, someone among those who had noticed the spots claims that in fact they either disappeared or diminished during the use of the mobile phone.

For the second serious problem, the loss of connection to the telephone network if you touch the left edge of the mobile phone, there is no good news. There are many users who complain about the bug and nobody seems to have yet managed to understand the size of the bug and if there is a possibility that it will be solved without hardware intervention.

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