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Brexit effect on Google, relocation of user data to the USA

Google brexit

Reuters reported that Google plans to ship UK user data from its European headquarters in Ireland to the United States

Brexit effect on Google. As reported exclusively by Reuters, Google would be planning to move the jurisdiction of UK user profiles (in Ireland to be precise) out of EU control, to bring them back to the United States. Under American jurisdiction, therefore no longer subject to European Union regulators of privacy and to the GDPR

Ireland is part of the European Union, therefore its data laws are subject to the solid laws of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into force in 2018. Three sources reported to Reuters that the Google decision was motivated by uncertainty on Britain's exit from the EU, because it is not yet clear whether the United Kingdom will adopt rules similar to the GDPR or set its own data protection standards.

Although originally the United Kingdom claimed that it would join the GDPR standardGoogle's decision suggests that it doesn't trust Britain to reach an adequacy agreement.

Google however wrote in a note that Nothing will change in our services or in our approach to privacy, including how we collect and use data and how we respond to requests from the police when they need information about users. GDPR UK protections will still be applied to these users.

Brexit effect on Google, what consequences

Google brexit

Moving this information under U.S. jurisdiction means that it will fall in United States Cloud Act(Clarifying lawful overseas use of data act – Legal clarification on the use of data abroad),the regulation on data much milder than the GDPR. Under the Cloud Act it becomes easier for British law enforcement agencies to recover data in the context of criminal investigations. it is also easier for other UK authorities to gather information about American companies.

In the next few months, other American technology companies could suffer the Brexit Google effect and follow the example of Google, especially Facebook.But for now it is speculation from the US media not confirmed by any company.