Books: the Atlas of Communication of Hoepli

Fausto Colombo, professor of media theory and technique at the Catholic University of Milan coordinated the work of 73 authors, among the leading Italian communication experts, to organize the 261 thematic entries, 80 tables and 12 maps that make the Atlas of Communication (Hoepli, 2005, 440 pages, 36 euros) a unique work of its kind.

Instead of an encyclopedic approach, the authors have created a real navigation tool through communication. From digital to real, from conventional to futuristic, the areas addressed represent the summa of the state of the art.

Cinema, design, publishing, the Internet, fashion, music, advertising, radio, theater, telephony and television are the thematic areas, the cardinal points through which the Atlas guides and guides the reader. Thus discovering the links between spam and fax advertising, between the theatrical enterprise and genre television, a path that reconstructs routes and stories unknown to ordinary consumers of the media.

A useful basic tool but also a streamlined and fast source of in-depth analysis, Fausto Colombo's Atlas of Communication is at the crossroads of the major critiques of our society, called the information society or global village.

Complexity of the subjects dealt with, simplicity and factuality of the voices, slenderness, immediacy, richness of references and references: the Atlas of Communication represents not only an original voice in the panorama of texts dedicated to this genre in Italy but also an attempt to create a previous in the European scientific literature of the genre. A successful attempt, which is already recalling the curiosity and attention of the scholars of the subjects involved.

On June 7th 2005 at 6.00 pm the volume will be presented by the authors together with Aldo Bonomi, Cesare Branzi and Aldo Grasso at the Milan Triennale.