Bluetooth Mpow headphones with noise reduction and 20-hour autonomy

Bluetooth Mpow headphones with noise reduction and 20-hour autonomy

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The market for headphones and earphones has grown a lot in recent years, with products that have covered different price ranges. just make a simple search and you can find dozens of products with more than favorable prices. But it's not easy to select low-priced headphones that offer a clean, clear sound that lasts even a long time. I recently got to try the Bluetooth Mpow 059 headphones useful for making calls also in hands-free mode, which I would like to talk about in this review.

Bluetooth Mpow 059 headphones with robust and balanced sound

By purchasing headphones Mpow 059 in addition to the headphones, you also receive a 3.5mm jack cable, a micro USB charging cable and a bag in which to store them. The structure made of plastic, with a rubberized effect that is very pleasant to the touch. Both the auricles and the inner part of the metallic circle are covered in leather-like material, with a soft padding to ensure greater comfort when worn.

The right touch sensitive pavilion, as it presents simple gestures to carry out the most common operations. The built-in microphoneand i control commands bluetooth headphones allow you to answer and hang up calls, change tracks and adjust the volume directly from the headphones with a simple touch. Finally, the headphones are equipped with a micro-USB port for charging and a jack port for using them via the cable inserted in the package. To ensure better transportability, the headphones close on themselves to ensure less space.

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The Mpow headphones they can be used in two different ways: connecting them through cable jack or by performing coupling through Bluetooth 4.1. Both the one and the other method offer different advantages:

  • using the cable jack we will never have to worry about having to recharge the internal battery of the headphones, but it will not be possible to exploit the touch gestures that can be implemented through the auricle;
  • if they pair through bluetooth, the touch controls will be enabled, but you have to rely on the battery from 420mAh, which guarantees from 20 to 25 hours of use with 4 hours of charging.


After wearing them and starting to play a song or a movie, they guarantee excellent isolation from external noise. I used them on the train for several hours, and during the whole journey I didn't hear the noise of the train, nor the rumor of the people in the compartment. The padding of the pavilions also allows prolonged use without feeling pain or discomfort in the ears. I wore them for about three hours without noticing any particular discomfort. The padded pavilions are soft and breathable and the adjustable headband offering exceptional comfort for long listening sessions.

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Using Bluetooth Mpow headphones

I used the Bluetooth On-Ear Mpow headphones both for playing music and for listening to podcasts and movies. From some tests I have carried out, I have found that the reproduction frequency operates in a range between 10Hz for low frequencies and 19kHz for high frequencies. The sound reproduced warm and enveloping, even if it is slightly muffled during the listening of films. This aspect does not affect the quality of the headphones, but an aspect to be taken into consideration if you want to buy headphones to be used mainly when watching movies or listening to podcasts.

semil pellet padding

On the other hand, during music playback I was very satisfied with the sound quality. The basses are well reproduced and even the high frequencies are not displeased. I listened to pop, jazz, rock and classic songs and, although the songs with many basses are the ones that are better reproduced, even listening to songs belonging to other musical genres turned out to be very enveloping.

The mistake made when buying a pair of headphones is that of comparing the audio quality with much more expensive products. Certainly the audio is not comparable to Bose headphones of 300, but contextualizing the Mpow 059 headphones in the price range of the 50, I consider myself very satisfied with the purchase made, as they manage to reproduce all musical genres very well.

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I believe that even the touch controls are very comfortable. With a simple touch of the finger it is possible to manage the progress of the tracks and the volume adjustment. By moving your finger horizontally on the right auricle from the center to the right or from the center to the left, you can change tracks by playing the next or the previous one. From the center downwards or from the center to the top, instead, the internal volume of the headphones is adjusted, but not that of the connected device. there is also a built-in microphone, useful if you want to answer a phone call quickly.


Overall I am satisfied with the Bluetooth Mpow headphones. They work well both at high and low frequencies and, although the voice of movies and podcasts is slightly muffled, the final sound does not mind.

If you are looking for bluetooth headphones at a reasonable price, then I recommend you try the Mpow headphones, which can be purchased on Amazon at the following link.