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Bluetooth headphones for iPod

Bluetooth Headphones for iPod | Macitynet.it logomacitynet1200wide 1

Wi-Gear has announced the production of iMuffs, a Bluetooth stereo headset for iPod.

The accessory, very interesting for those who want to get rid of headphones, connects at the same time to the top port of iPod (the one used for the remote control) and to the jack for audio output. Thanks to this double connection able to transmit the music at a distance of about ten meters but also to control from the same distance the volume, the progress of the songs and their selection.

The transmitter does not use batteries, as it absorbs current from that of the iPod; the headphones, whose support passes behind the neck, have a rechargeable battery with an average duration of 12 hours.

Among the interesting details, the fact that the headphones are able to interface even with a telephone. If a call arrives, they pause iPod and enable a built-in microphone.

The price and time for availability of headphones have not been disclosed.

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