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Blu-Ray was born on Monday.

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The licenses (valid for 10 years, renewable) for the Blu-Ray Disc system have already started (prices from 20,000 to 60,000 dollars depending on the products to be developed and from 4,000 to 12,000 dollars for the data protection system) but the official launch of the consortium (and its site) scheduled for Monday 17 February 2003.

After months of rumors and few official data, the disc that multiplies the current storage standards by six (up to 27 GB on a single 12 cm diameter side) thanks to the new "blue-violet" laser ready to challenge the rays " rossi โ€of current DVD players.

The nine founding brands, pooled for the promotion of the standard, are: Hitachi, LG, Matsushita, Philips, Pioneer, Samsung, Sharp, Sony and Thomson.Nec and Toshiba have remained out of it to join another format that appears dead even before being born and the well-informed believe that these two companies will also soon join Blu-Ray Disc.

Currently not foreseeable when the first Blu-Ray player will be on the market, Sony believes within the year, but Philips has already shown that 1 GB of data can be stored on a 3 cm diameter disk.