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Blu Ray, the DVD Forum says yes to Toshiba and NEC

Surprise move of the DVD Forum.

The association of companies from the world of industry that support the DVD-RW format and which Apple also adheres to, has decided to adopt the standard for Blue Ray proposed by Toshiba and NEC.

The choice of the format of the two Japanese houses unexpected as the observers of the sector took for granted that the Forum approved a standard proceeding, promoted by other members of the Forum, supported by the Blu-Ray Consortium and which includes Pioneer and Sony, two powerful members of the DVD Forum itself.

The Forum justified the decision with the fact that the Consortium never officially submitted the request for approval of its standard, as NEC and Toshiba did instead.

Blu ray represents the future of DVD systems. Thanks to the shorter wavelength and greater precision of the engraving and reading radius, more data can be transferred to the DVD than is possible using red ray.

The standard proposed by the Consortium at first glance represented a more technologically advanced choice because it allows you to store up to 27 GB of data for each face of the disc on a DVD; that of Toshiba and NEC "only" 15 MB. The advantage of this last system, however, is that of being able to use systems and assembly systems used for current burners and DVD players, reducing costs.

Now the concern of the market is that, as already happens for current DVDs, two different standards may arise, one that supports the Consortium specifications and one that supports the Toshiba and NEC standard. This was when, however, the birth of blu ray had given rise not only to the hope of larger discs but also to the unification of the disc recording system, the real obstacle to the spread of DVD burning.