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Blokus comes in a free version

Blokus arrives in free version – Macitynet.it

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After getting good appreciation from critics and players, Blokus, an intriguing and lively puzzle game recently launched on the App Store, now also available as a free version. This was communicated by Gameloft herself, who for the occasion published an interesting and nice interactive on YouTube, in order to describe the game in detail to those who approach it for the first time.

Blokus basically a board game for two or four people, in which the aim is to arrange the pieces on the grid in turn, in order to block the opponent's moves. Players are therefore required a lot of patience and strategy, although it is possible to change the time limit for each turn in the settings. If you play with three other friends, Blokus for iPhone and iPod Touch gives you the opportunity to challenge everyone or split into two teams, while a particular Duo mode will significantly change the game grid. The colors represent an important element both aesthetically and in the game mechanics, but for users suffering from color blindness Gameloft has well thought of inserting icons in the pieces, so as to make them immediately recognizable. Blokus available on the App Store for ‚ā¨ 3.99 or in the new free version.

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