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Blizzard to Microsoft?

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Rumors are growing that Microsoft plans to buy Vivendi's division that makes games in whole or in part.

The multimedia giant, owner of TV channels, film studios and a constellation of activities in all fields of entertainment and leisure, has started 360-degree talks for the sale of various of these businesses to reduce the record debt accumulated in the over the last few years and among the 'pieces' that could be sold there is just the one that deals with games.

According to the Associated Press news agency, Microsoft is currently in pole position for the purchase, interested in placing among its family jewels titles such as Diablo and Warcraft produced by Blizzard which is part of Vivendi. The aim is to flesh out the list of exclusive games (or mainly released) for X-BOX by implementing an operation very similar to that which was carried out a few years ago with Bugie and with Rare, once owned by Nintendo and purchased for 375 million dollars.

The purchase of Vivendi's games division would cost Microsoft much more, from 900 million to a billion dollars given the size of the turnover it produces. Just think that Warcraft III was the best selling game of all time and the Diablo saga, which like Warcraft has continued for years, continues to produce millions of dollars and one of the most popular of all time.

Recall that Blizzard one of the gaming companies closest to Apple. Over the past few years all its titles have been converted for Mac and lately also released simultaneously for PC and Macintosh, helping to revive the image of the Apple platform as a tool for the game.

The sale to Microsoft is likely to mean tangible delays in the presentation of the ports to our platform, as it should be, as is happening for Halo. The title was announced in preview for Mac at the time of the independent Bungie but now, more than a year after the presentation for X-BOX, it is still far from being presented for our platform.