Black Friday 2017 Italy

Black Friday 2017: how to find the best offers

Advice on how to find the best Black Friday 2017 offers in Italy. Pay attention to the budget and consult these sites to find the best discounts.

Only a few days to go until Black Friday 2017 in Italy, the biggest sales day of the year, gets underway. Online shoppers are expected to spend billions of euros buying offers.

Black Friday 2018: the dates, the best offers, the Italian sites

Black Friday 2017 when? Black Friday Italy 2017 begins on November 24th

Black Friday Italy 2017, which officially begins November 24th, sees most major retailers cut prices for several days as they tempt shoppers with discounts on everything from clothing to electrical items, from technology to vacations.

Just like at Christmas, the shopping event seems to start earlier each year with many stores, including Amazon, which begin Black Friday sales at least a week before the big day.

Where does Black Friday come from?

Used to describe a pre-Christmas day of commercial carnage, the term "Black Friday" comes from Philadelphia, USA, in the early 1950s. In 2010, online retail giant Amazon introduced the concept to Europe and others soon followed suit as early as 2013.

What to expect from Black Friday 2017

Retailers tend to keep their offers relatively secret before the big day, but for Black Friday 2017 we have some tips on what to keep in mind. Amazon among several retailers that have already started publishing Black Friday offers, so keep your eyes open from now on. It makes sense to follow higher value items, such as telephones, laptops, TVs, refrigerators and washing machines as the discounts will definitely do considerably lower the price you will pay.

Black Friday 2017 Italy

Black Friday 2017 Italy: how to find the best offers

Black Friday 2017 is also the perfect time to make a good Christmas gift, so look for discounted toys, game consoles and gadgets when you are reviewing offers. This year, look for offers for the new Xbox One X and Nintendo console, plus to Fingerling, Lol Dolls and Hatchimals for the little ones. While unlikely we will see discounts on the latest Apple and Samsung products, expect offers on their 2016 products and this means the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, as well as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Technology fans should also look for Microsoft Surface Pro, Macbook Pro and Google Pixel.

Tips for finding the best deals for Black Friday 2017

  • Set a budget: it can be very easy to be dragged by offers, if you don't set a spending limit to contain yourself. Even if something heavily discounted, it could still be out of your budget. Calculate what you can afford to spend and stick to the limit.
  • Do your research in advance if you have a particular purchase in mind; be prepared to shop around to get the best pay price. Keep in mind a figure you are willing to spend and check the comparison prices online.
  • Consider how you are paying. It may be a good idea to pay for items with your credit card because it can provide you with an additional level of protection if things go wrong, you should completely repay any balance when the payment is due. Don't get into debt.
  • Know your rights: the goods must be of satisfactory quality, fit to perform the intended function and last for a reasonable period of time.

Black Friday 2017 Media World

For Mediaworld, Black Friday 2017 in Italy is called Total Black Friday and the offers have already started, they change every day and you have to expect that the best offers have been reserved for November 24th. At this link you can see the Mediaworld offers

Black Friday 2017 Amazon

Amzano is the undisputed king of Black Friday with offers that go on for a week and change every 5 minutes. So if you are looking for the best deals for Black Friday, you should often update the dedicated Amazon page

Black Friday 2017 Unieuro

also Unieuro decidedly launched on Black Friday 2017 with a dedicated page full of offers, where the most sold items are also indicated, to orient users. Find the Unieuro Black Friday offer page HERE

Black Friday 2017 Apple

Apple also participates in Black Friday 2017 with discounts on its flagship products. You won't expect 50% less, will you? And in fact not so the discounts are contained, but there are: Up to 150 for a Mac Up to 100 with an iPad Up to 50 with an iPhone 25 for an Apple Watch The Apple offers for Black Friday can be found HERE

How big was Black Friday last year?

Users spent record amounts, billions of euros, in the four days between Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday 2016 with an increase compared to the previous year.

Did you know that Black Friday is still torn by the results of the Singles Day in China, the world's largest online shopping day? November 11, 2016 ended with Chinese buyers spending $ 17.8 billion in 24 hours. It seems that European buyers have a way to go to break that record.

Not everywhere the discounts applied by the different retailers participating in the initiative are the same: Jamie Merrick of Salesforce Commerce Cloud states that UK merchants, for example, have not applied discounts like those in other countries. Consumers in the UK, he said, have seen prices cut by an average of just 9%, compared to Germany (23%), France (26%) and the United States (29%) little.

Does everyone participate in Black Friday 2017?

No. In 2016, many turned their backs on the day of sales. Asda's spokesman in the UK, for example, said: "Following feedback from customers who wanted low prices during the holidays and not just for one day, Asda made the decision to move away from Black Friday."

What did we learn from last year's Black Friday?

Lonline acts as its king. Online spending for Black Friday has exceeded 1.2 billion euros, more than the previous year, according to the CRR.

The Worldpay payment service said it had processed 20% more online transactions than last year, with global sales peaking at 16:00 with 181 transactions per second. Meanwhile, Visa stated that online spending in the week preceding Black Friday increased by 13% on an annual basis, with almost 1 billion pounds spent only on Black Friday in the UK.

The mobile runs the games on Black Friday

The mobile turned out to be the most popular channel for the purchase of goods, according to data from ChannelAdvisor. More than 60% of purchases took place on mobile devices, still growing compared to the previous year. Retailers reported a jump in cell phone transactions, showing that the smartphone is now the gateway to discounted purchases. Improved store apps and the ability to pay for items at the touch of a button without repeatedly loading card details, makes on-the-go shopping too good to resist.

Black Friday 2017 does not last a single day

Many retailers have tried to attract buyers with offers for several days before Black Friday in an extension of the traditional one-day event, which some skilled public relations officers have dubbed Black "FiveDay". Amazon has begun to present its changing business every day almost two weeks before the big day, while eBay also got on the wagon. Analysts say the short-lived spree evolved over a longer period when consumers learn to keep track prices and compare offers between retailers in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Night owls buyers

More consumers have shopped online in the middle of the night than ever, eager to avoid queues and hassles in stores. Compared to Black Friday 2015, Vouchercloud said it had seen a 46% increase in pre-6am traffic, with a 208% increase in traffic at 5am on Friday morning.

Offline vs Online

Buyers are now using a combination of shop visits and online browsing when they make large purchases, according to the Visa Digital Payments study.

What were the popular products last year?

Among the most welcome is the intelligent Sonos Play 1 speaker, one for sale every 10 seconds. Even the home of the Lego Simpsons was a great success, as was the perfume by Marc Jacobs. Even televisions in general, once again, were among the favorites, followed by laptops, Google Chromecasts, Samsung tablets and large kitchen appliances. Many users have also shown interest in gaming consoles and wearable technology.