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Bird Strike: Launch the Gerald parrot into space with iPhone and touch

Bird Strike: launch the Gerald parrot into space with iPhone and touch – Macitynet.it

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Gerald, the protagonist of Bird Strike, a volatile with a strange forelock and not really awake gaze. Using the high voltage wires like a slingshot, we must throw it upwards and check its flight to try to reach the maximum height possible. While we collect everything that can increase our score, we must pay close attention to the scaffolding, seagulls and all the extravagant obstacles that can put an end to Gerald's rise. If something goes wrong, the game's cartoon-style graphics leave room for an animation that shows the accident more closely: here the player is often surprised with unpredictable and comic animations that tear more than a smile.

Do not miss the close-up shot of Gerald when, for example, he collides with a scaffold, while those who manage to fly higher than all observe Gerald struggling with a close encounter of the third type. Also this hilarious episode but not only: it will allow you to face the path you just crossed on the contrary, that is, in the fall, offering even more fun for the player. Bird Strike offers graphics and sound with attention to the smallest details: now available on the App Store in the Gold Edition version that also offers multiple levels and screens, different game modes and OpenFeint integration for online rankings and scores.

Bird Strike Gold Edition available on the App Store for 79 cents.

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