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Bing and iPhone OS: wedding in sight?

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Bing and iPhone OS: wedding in sight? –

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In the last few hours, rumors are circulating about a possible agreement between Microsoft and Apple regarding the integration of the Bing search engine within the iPhone OS4. To tell the truth, rumors have been circulating about it for months, since Qi Lu, head of Microsoft's online services, visited Cupertino to plan new strategies. However, sources close to Apple would have revealed to the Techcrunch portal that the issue is still at stake, and that the chances that Bing will replace Google as the main search engine on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad are becoming more concrete. Not in the short term, however: the same sources are keen to point out that, although the negotiations between Microsoft and Apple seem to be continuing at full speed, Google will remain the reference point for searches on the iPhone for some time yet.

A divorce between Apple and Google in favor of Bing would not be at all unlikely, especially in light of the increasingly heated battle between Cupertino and Mountain View. The fact that many of the main iPhone applications (from Maps to Youtube, via the search engine) are managed by Google may sooner or later prove to be a boomerang for Apple. The search for greater independence from Big G, in view of such fierce competition, would be absolutely justified.

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