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Big news for Pocket Legends

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Big news for Pocket Legends –

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Just in these days we have recommended you, among the games that cannot be missing on your new iPad, Pocket Legends, a role-playing online game with a well-kept fantasy setting and that does not require any type of subscription in order to be played. Poprio in these hours, however, the developers of the Spacetime Studios team have released the latest update of the title, which brings Pocket Legends to version 1.2 and adds a substantial series of news long awaited by fans. In fact, PvP (Player versus Player) has finally been implemented, now allowing players to compete against each other in a system very similar to that of World of Warcraft: players will choose the team in which to join and will battle those of the other faction inside arenas, which differ in size and quantity of power-ups. At the bottom of the article you will find a new trailer released by the developers, which shows PvP in action.

In addition, it is now possible to safely exchange items, gold and potions with other players, thanks to a window that will ask for confirmation from both before completing the transaction. The list of available objects has been increased, now including a series of Elixirs that confer different temporary skills to the player: from improving movements to the experience gained, from greater damage dealt and a more powerful defense. The Elixirs (which last no more than five minutes) are cumulative and can be used simultaneously, but only in the main adventure: to avoid balance problems, it was preferred to avoid the possibility of using them in PvP matches.

Pocket Legends can be downloaded for free through the App Store.

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