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BIAS SoundSoap for Mac OS X available

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BIAS Inc. has made available SoundSoap, a new tool for digital audio processing for Mac OS X and Windows XP presented at the last AES a few months ago.SoundSoap the first professional quality noise reduction solution that is sufficiently simple also for consumer users.With only two virtual potentiometers it is possible to reduce background noise of various types from almost any audio or video source, including audio from DV recordings, from audio files of Powerpoint presentations, from Flash and other web-oriented files , tracks from DAWs, audio tapes or other sound sources.

SoundSoap initially released as a VST plug-in for Mac OS X, and compatible with VST host applications such as Peak LE, Peak DV, Peak and Cubase SX.

SoundSoap will also soon function as a stand-alone application without the need to rely on a host program. The stand-alone version will be offered shortly as a free download to registered users.

The advent and enormous success of DV cameras and the availability of editing software such as iMovie and Final Cut Pro has allowed millions of people to create their own movies and video projects. Similarly, many web & multimedia designers have also increasingly used audio as an added value in their productions, not to mention the huge number of people who use the computer to compose and record music.

Very often those who work in any of these fields have to deal with background noises (room, humble, hiss, etc.) which ruin the final quality of the product.

SoundSoap addresses this problem by eliminating, or better by "washing away" (hence its name) these unwanted noises in real time. The application is able to "learn" intelligently, and recognizes the difference between background and the audio you want to preserve, with excellent results.

SoundSoap available at an introductory price of $ 99 Dollars and requires a G3 or G4 processor at least 400MHz, 128MB of RAM and Mac OS X 10.2. For more information, visit this page.

BIAS distributed in Italy by Midi Music.

(By Daniele Volpin)