Beta publishes iOS 13.5

Beta publishes iOS 13.5 how to install it on your iPhone or iPad

Apple is currently testing iOS 13.5 beta for both developers and public beta users. The update includes key changes in response to the outbreak COVID-19, for this many users may be interested in trying it. Be aware that when installing a beta you must always be prepared for any software bugs or performance issues. However, this update is much more stable than others such as the original iOS 13.0 beta, this is because there are less changes from iOS 13.4 to iOS 13.5 than from iOS 12 to iOS 13. Keeping in mind there, if you want to try the new iOS 13.5 features and accept the risk of some bugs, the beta publishes the best choice.

Beta publishes iOS 13.5

How to install the iOS 13.5 public beta

  • Go to the website Apple's beta software program:
  • If you've already been a public beta user, click on “Log in". Otherwise, choose "Sign Up", enter your Apple ID information and accept the terms and conditions.
  • Touch the "Register your devices"In the upper right corner, then choose iOS from the menu
  • Apple will recommend you make a backup using iTunes. This step is not mandatory but highly recommended
  • Scroll down to the "Install website profile" section and choose "Download profile"
  • Authorize the download

To this open the Settings app on your iPhone and at the top you should see a message saying that you have a profile ready to be installed: touch it and install the profile. Then the iPhone should restart to complete the profile installation. Once restarted go to Settings> General> Software update. You should now see the iOS 13.5 update ready to be installed.

What's new in iOS 13.5?

First, iOS 13.5 lays the foundation for enabling the application developed by the government to take advantage of the API mobile device. The application that several governments, such as the Italian one, are studying should help the contact tracing, to further reduce the risk of coronavirus infection. Thanks to the updates studied, both by Apple and by Google, the tracking people coming into contact with people who then tested positive at Covid should be much more precise and timely.Beta publishes iOS 13.5 But there is another substantial change coming with iOS 13.5 and it's about it unlocking the phone. With iOS 13.5Face ID it can detect if you are wearing a mask and, in this case, go directly to the passcode screen without making numerous attempts to unlock it. It speeds up unlocking your phone significantly if you wear a face mask or face cover of any kind. Once the initial installation of the iOS 13.5 public beta, you will receive updates just like you would for any other iOS version. We currently expect the final version of iOS 13.5 to be released to the public in mid-May.

Source 9to5Mac