Best charging accessories for Syncwire travel

Best charging accessories for Syncwire travel

charging accessories for Syncwire travel

If you are about to travel with family or friends, you certainly have the problem of how to recharge the devices that you will take with you. Smartphones and tablets are products that we always carry with us. This forces us to put several magazines in the suitcase. If your travel destination is outside of Italy, you may find yourself having to buy several adapters, one for each charger. I also found myself in this condition and in this article I would like to suggest you some refill accessories for the trip to buy (saving) for your next vacation.

USB wall charger Syncwire

The first among recharging accessories that every traveler should have a USB wall charger with multiple input. This charger that we offer from Syncwire comes with 100v and 240v input and US plug with interchangeable EU and UK adapters. This product was made for a well-identified target audience: the traveler. The plug to be inserted into the socket, in fact, is interchangeable and in the package there are two adapters, which allow you to use the charger in Europe (including Italy), America and the United Kingdom.

charging accessories for syncwire travel

By purchasing a single product you can save space in your suitcase and avoid having to buy and separately charge an adapter for each charger. The charger charges the smartphone much faster than with the original charger, tested on both iPhone and Samsung.

This improved USB wall charger with four 5V / 2.4A charging ports and uses the latest charging technology. Supports fast charging up to 4 devices simultaneously. Syncwire's UL-FCC-CE certification provides complete protection for devices. This prevents overheating or overloading of the charger.

Certainly, this is a product to always have with you, convenient both at home and on the road to recharge all our devices.

syncwire power supply

On Amazon the Syncwire USB wall charger can be purchased at the following link.

Nylon cables resistant to Syncwire

I don't have a good experience with the cables that come with smartphones and tablets. When subjected to different push ups, they tend to fray and I have to buy new ones. I always carry at least one cable in my backpack to be able to recharge my devices with an external battery. The use in unfavorable conditions and the continuous folding and kinking that they suffer during the day, force me to buy new cables regularly. For about a year I have found a solution to this problem.

The development and research of cable manufacturers have led to a solution to this problem. A new type of cables covered in braided Nylon have been made. This particular construction technique is able to guarantee, in addition to an anti-tangle cable, also a product that is hardly worn as it happens with plastic cables. For this reason I decided to replace all the cables of my devices with the Nylon counterpart, which I also carry with me on the road.

Nylon Lightning cable

Nylon Lightning cable

For the latest generation of iPhones and iPads, Syncwire managed to create completely equivalent Nylon cables, in size, to the solutions proposed by Apple. They also guarantee a saving of around 20 compared to the original cables. The Lightning cable produced by Syncwire in fact it can be purchased on Amazon at the following link.

Nylon microUSB cable

Nylon microUSB cable

Syncwire also offers two excellent solutions for Android smartphones and tablets. For devices equipped with microUSB, a pack containing two microUSB braided Nylon cables can be purchased at a very affordable price. This type of cable supports fast charging with a current flow of 2.4A, thus ensuring the possibility of being able to quickly recharge the supported devices.


The charging accessories we've seen, like the USB wall charger and Nylon Syncwire cables with microUSB port, USB Type-C and Lightning are my ideal solution to recharge all the devices, both at home and on the road. Syncwire's expertise reassures the quality of products and the lifetime warranty guarantees excellent support, which will replace all products affected by malfunctions free of charge.