Best AV to HDMI Converter (Gaming)

Best AV to HDMI Converter (Gaming)

Relive the old memories of our childhood through a console or video recorder possible: our modern TV can display that signal. The problem that turns out to be all distorted and disturbed, even more than an old television! In that case you need dun upscaler, a converter capable of taking the AV signal and turn it into HDMI taking care of the resolution and the details. Some of them even have a good way to improve the signal!

So let's see how we can improve the video signal of our old consoles (and other devices, such as VHS video recorders) with these practical accessories.

CoolDigital Mini let's start with something that is cheap and does its job with all basic lupscaling. The CoolDigital Mini is a small device that takes the AV signal and turns it into HDMI, with also an option to change this signal to 720p or 1080p if necessary. It has no passive software to improve the quality, but still manages to enlarge the resolution without ruining it completely. It has extensive support for various PAL and NTSC formats and can carry the signal from the old 50Hz to the more renewed 60Hz for modern TVs. An excellent starting point that will only cost us 15 euros.

If 15 euros seems too much, you can look for an alternative through the Gana Mini, a similar product in several functions that costs just over 11 euros

Micomsoft Framemeister now let's talk about the best of the best we can get to transfer an old man AV signal to the more modern HDMI signal. The Framemeister generally chosen by gamers all over the world for its quality, especially because it reduces the video delay of the absolute minimum signal possible. As for the result on the detail, this device has an improvement of the signal included, a technology that removes all the best known imperfections of the old AV signal before introducing it to the HDMI signal. All this happens with zero delays, and can also be controlled by a remote control of its own. It also supports l-Video and offers a fair amount of built-in functions to handle the video signal if necessary. All these options included and this perfection has for its price, and the Framemeister costs at least 550 euros.

E-SDS High Definitionif you cannot afford a Framemeister but you want a product that is at least more powerful than a CoolDigital, then you can certainly be satisfied with an E-SDS. This small box works directly, but also has a separate power supply (and this is already a good thing for the quality) and offers a couple of added doptions made specifically to improve the quality of the signal, reducing the amount of noise and other problems due to old AV signal. It is definitely more expensive than the smaller products (190 euros) but still more accessible. Definitely one of the best we can get to start enjoying an improved and optimized signal.

PETCSH converteranother middle way we can find it in the PETCSH product, a small box with separate power supply that supports an auxiliary audio input and also a separate S-Video port. And this is also a small upgrade useful for those who do not want a device that does not have passive improvements for the signal, something that this product offers even without particular additions. It can support a large amount of different frequencies, although of course better used for the more normal ones, such as an old video recorder or a console of yesteryear. This converter costs only 33 euros, so practical for all budgets.