Best app to analyze public WiFi networks with Android

Best app to analyze public WiFi networks with Android

Those who travel frequently to work and need a business-type internet connection, the Wi-Fi network becomes an important tool for work. To find the best networks, you need a good online WiFi analyzer to analyze public wifi networks. During our business trips you can accept a crappy hotel room or receive an unsatisfactory room service, but you can't do without a powerful, stable and secure Wi-Fi signal. In this case it would be useful to know a method for analyze public WiFi networks with an Android device.

If you are reading this article, it means that you are among those who travel a lot and are looking for applications that can help you find an excellent Wi-Fi signal. These apps to analyze public WiFi networks will help you find the best connections around you. The purpose of this article is to suggest you the best Android apps to analyze public WiFi networks that allow you to improve the search for internet networks, but also to make them safer.

Applications to analyze Android public WiFi networks

1. one of the android wi-fi public applications very useful for those on the move, designed to accurately test the performance of mobile phone internet connections, including LTE, 4G, 3G networks, EVDO EDGE networks. Check the speed of your cellular data connection, no matter where you are. Before opening your laptop or renting a place in a co-working space or deciding to buy something in a barn hope to sit down and work with the wi-fi network, kindly ask for their WiFi network password and run the Speedtest application to check the signal strength. Proceed with this method to save you a lot of time to dedicate to work.analyze public WiFi networksSpeedtestI'll tell you the upload speed, the download speed and the ping. And let you store all the previous ones in a database. In addition, Speedtest performs connection tests easily with a click in less than 30 seconds. The services offered are:

– Check for download, upload and ping. – Real-time graphs showing the consistency of the connection. – Solve problems or check the speed promised by your operator. – Keep track of previous tests with detailed reports. – Easily share results


2. Wifi Analyzer

If you are out of the office and need to connect to a stable wi-fi network, the thing you do is to look for a public place that has internet connection. At this point you should ask for the Wi-Fi network password first so that you can test the power correctly before deciding to stop for breakfast in a bar or lunch in a restaurant. It is not always easy to decide which wi-fi network is sufficient to be able to work without disconnection problems.

It is in cases like these that the free app will turn out Wifi Analyzer. This is not one of those public wi-fi android apps designed to be intuitive, so you'll have to spend some time to know exactly what the developer wants to tell you. The purpose of this application is to help you decide which Wi-Fi network your device detects the best.analyze public WiFi networks 3When the application starts, it will be scanned for all available Wi-Fi connections and will show you a graph in real time of the signal strength in graphic form. You can see in real time how a connection holds when you walk from one room to another. You can swipe left / right to view different visual representations.analyze WiFi networks 4Click on the menindicated from three points and select one of the networks to see a detailed view of the connection From the drawing meter screen you will see the power of the wi-fi network. Switch between different links here to see how it compares.

DOWNLOAD |Wifi Analyzer

3. TunnelBear VPN

When traveling to an unknown place, even an exotic one, you can't trust the Wi-Fi network of a baro of your hotel. We are talking about the minimum privacy rights that in an unknown country can be risky. If we connect to an open VPN network or a private network without security locking devices, we risk all that we do using that connection. For example, someone can browse through your credit card passwords if you make online purchases. Using a VPN or proxy server puts a level of security between you and the Wi-Fi connection.

Remember that by using a VPN you can connect to a proxy server in a country like the United States or the United Kingdom and if you travel to a country where all websites or social services are blocked, this can be a good way to access them.

Some foreign hotels may also put in a custom firewall that could block specific sites. VPN can help you get around that too.analyze WiFi networks 5

DiTunnelBear VPNit speaks well, but the fact that it has a paid plan with purchases in the app for mobile users does not make us feel good, but if we want to be honest, the paid service can serve the particular and useful service it offers. There is also a good extension for Chrome, as well as a desktop application, and you have as many as 500 MB of free data every month.


I hope these Android applications to analyze public WiFi networks will help you make your work easier outside the office.

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