Best app for Android discounts

Best app for Android discounts

To save money has become increasingly difficult? You never know where to find the best offers, discounts and coupons for stores near you or for online purchases? Don't worry, you've come to the right page! Here you will find the best app for Android discounts, so that you can consult the offers available in the area at any time with your smartphone and receive notifications about opportunities not to be missed!

This is a smart way to save money and not just, just have your smartphone as a shopping partner. With a bit of foresight every time you go shopping, at the end of the month, using your smartphone, you will have accumulated many of those discounts that you will be surprised too. You just have to download and install the free apps that we suggest in this guide on your Android smartphone.

Best app for Android discounts


The first app I can recommend you to find discounts and offers on Android PromoQui, available for free from the following link.


app discounts for Android

With this app you can browse the flyers of shops and commercial activities near your home, so you always know if there is an offer. The integrated search engine will allow you to choose the shops, products and brands you use every day, thus managing to provide you with the lowest price in the area for any product.

Find discounts around you

Another very useful app to find discounts on Android Find discounts around you, downloadable from the link below.

DOWNLOAD |Find discounts around you

app discounts for Android

In addition to the offers available at the stores, this app also allows you to save on other types of services such as car washes, appliance repair assistance, nursing assistance and all other activities related to catering (farm tourism, restaurant, pub etc.).


This is a different app than the others, because it allows you to save and get special discounts. You can download it from the following link.

DOWNLOAD |CheckBonus

app discounts for Android

This app for Android discounts must be used while you are in any store or business, with the aim of scanning all the barcodes of the available products. The app will reward users with points, which you can convert into discounts and vouchers. These vouchers can be used at the same store or in other activities, so you always save during normal shopping.

The new Italian Post Office app that allows you to get discounts when you go shopping. Extra discounts makes you accumulate discounts on some products that are showcased and that you can see through the app.

DOWNLOAD | Extra Discounts

app discounts for Android: extra discounts

To get the discounts very easy. Buy the product on sale at your affiliated store, knowing the discount already applied. Keep the purchase receipt. When you are at home, photograph the receipt that contains the products on offer and send it through the app. To receive the accumulated discount amounts, select a BancoPosta or PostaPay card in your possession.

More app discounts for Android

There are really many apps that offer discounts or that allow you to stay up to date on the latest news on the subject. The best you can test are the following:

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