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Best Android utilities to extend the functions of your smartphone Migliori utility Android

In itself, the latest generation Android smartphones have truly cutting-edge features. However, by downloading from the Play Store best Android utilities you will extend its functions. Here are a quick overview of the ones I recommend you test. checking the download and upload speeds, as well as knowing the ping, is extremely important for knowing whether the provider is speaking. Lutility by Ookla allows you to know on the fly a whole series of statistics in the form of a graph on the quality of your internet connection when you surf with your smartphone.

Clean Master Best Android utilities

Clean Master: without a doubt one of the best Android utilities, given the simplicity with which it allows you to get rid of unused files and all the superfluous elements that, in addition to taking up memory, do nothing but negatively affect the performance of the device. The best overall cleaning tool.

Screen Filter best Android utilities

Screen Filter: at certain times, such as when in the cinema or in the dark, it can be useful to know how to lower the brightness level of the screen, in order to avoid annoying others. Lutility from haxor industry does just that. Excellent presence of a bar with a lot of writing that shows you the preview of the selected brightness.

Toucher Pro Best Android utilities

Pro voucher: GO Launcher EX must be given credit for having put one of the best tools for Android platform with which you can immediately access the applications used most frequently, create fast connections and manage on the fly a whole series of parameters from the volume to the Wi-Fi up to the lighting of the screen.

Cerberus burglar alarm Best Android utilities

Cerberus burglar alarm: between best Android utilities in terms of security, for the simple fact that it can locate your smartphone in four and four, in order to prevent theft and loss.

3G Manager The Best Android Utility Battery Charger

3G Manager The Battery Charger: battery autonomy the Achilles heel of recent mobile devices. To save energy, 3G Manager The Battery Charger it allows you to save energy by disabling from time to time what you don't need when you run out of battery. This utility is not compatible with MULTI-SIM phones. It costs 0.99 euros.

In conclusion, if you want to extend the functionality of your Android smartphone, with these utilities go on velvet.

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