Best Android navigator: complete guide

Best Android navigator: complete guide

Did you lose your way while traveling in a new city? Have the navigators tried so far not convinced you or worse they made you take absurd roads? Don't worry, you can easily fix it simply by unlocking the screen of your smartphone and installing thethe best Android navigator compatible with your needs. Find out in the following lines what they are the best browsing appsfor your mobile device.

In addition to the navigators integrated in the various iOS and Android devices, there are others that are even more effective and with new functions, and we have also talked about this in the article on the best free GPS navigators Android, which you can read after viewing the sequel here best apps for browsing.

Best Android navigator

1. Google Maps

I could not start from the Android browser offered by Google! It is integrated into more and more devices and (according to many) the best Android navigator you can try.

Google Maps offers a variety of navigation features, including real-time traffic updates (with color variations based on its density: red lines indicate high traffic), automatic night mode based on brightness, offline browsing (with downloading of portions map), automatic selection of the fastest route and voice commands to dictate street and city names. If you have not even tried a browser on Android yet, the time has come to offer the browser a possibility offered by Google.

Google Maps can be downloaded for free from the following link.

DOWNLOAD | Google Maps

2. Waze

Waze the first "social" browser of the category. This app allows registered users to create city maps simply by following a road, in addition it connects all app users so that they can report in real time any traffic or road variation (accidents, slowdowns, traffic jams) block, new speed cameras etc.).

It bases almost all its operation on the social component, but since entering Google's orbit it has also improved the accuracy in calculating the route. You can customize your avatar, use voice commands and reach points of interest with a cheerful and colorful browser! If you are looking for a nice, fairly accurate navigator and with information updated in real time, this app deserves an opportunity.

Waze can be downloaded for free at the following link.


3. OsmAnd

OpenStreetMap a free service that provides maps of the world (including roads and cities) managed and improved directly by users. It was born as an open source project, fully embracing all the values ​​of freedom and sharing. With the OsmAnd app you can take advantage of all the maps provided free of charge to travel anywhere in the world, even in worldly or little-traveled routes by standard travel routes.

If you asked yourself what it isthe best Android navigator for excursionsperhaps your search ended: with OsmAnd you can discover paths and routes that you could not even remotely imagine. The app provided for free but can be expanded by purchasing the paid version.

OsmAnd available for free from the following link.


Best Android navigator: other guides

Didn't find what you were looking for among the apps that I reported to you? Below you will find other browsing apps available for Android.

Not satisfied yet? As we said at the beginning, I can recommend reading the following article, where you can find some navigation apps reviewed by the site.

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