Best Android app to analyze WiFi networks

Best Android app to analyze WiFi networks

Android app to analyze WiFi networks

Does your WiFi network not take well in all points of the house? Want to find out if neighboring networks are causing you any interference? These are problems that we encounter on a daily basis, but sometimes we do not know how to remedy them. In these cases, if you have a smartphone, they can help app to analyze WiFi networks, with which you can control both the signal strength of your WiFi network and how it relates to nearby networks. For the guide you will be presented with the best app of its kind, plus some good alternatives, so as to discover all the possible information on the WiFi networks present around the device. Only by a punctual analysis of the network, you will be able to find the most appropriate solution to the solution of the problem. We continue to find out which app for Android smartphones that will allow you to analyze WiFi networks.

Android app to analyze WiFi networks

With any smartphone, you can convert your Android phone into a Wi-Fi analyzer. It will show the Wi-Fi channels around you and help you find a less crowded channel to configure on your wireless router.

WiFi analyzer

This app is the most downloaded and used to analyze WiFi networks. It integrates all the features you need to control all the networks detectable by the device, both on the 2.4 GHz frequency and on the 5 GHz frequency; in this last case the device must be compatible with 5 GHz networks, otherwise you will only see the 2.4 GHz networks inside the app. Due to its characteristics, it is also suitable for professional use.

If installed afterwards, the app does not seem to work, don't worry, because you only have to satisfy a small trick. The app also works great on Android 9 Pie, to enable geolocation permissions. If you don't know how to do it, go in Settings – -> app–> location permissions. Search for the app and activate the cursor.

analyze WiFi networks

In addition to your own network, you can see the intensity of nearby networks, the channel they use, the protection system used and the level of interference with the network you are connected to.

analyze WiFi networks

To understand if you are using the right channel and if you can change it with a less crowded one, you will only need to use the evaluation screen of available WiFi channels.

app to analyze WiFi networks

A channel with few stars (from 1 to 3) is not advisable to use it, because the interferences are excessively high and you could run into connection problems or sudden drops in speed while surfing the Internet. So use only the networks that have all 5 stars or at most 4-star channels, so as to minimize the risk of interference.

If you are interested in downloading this app completely free, you can get it by clicking on the following link.

DOWNLOAD |Wifi analyzer

More apps to analyze WiFi networks

The app seen previously without the shadow of a doubt the best you can use to analyze WiFi networks, but not the only one available in the Play Store. You can download one of the following apps to get every type of information from nearby networks and from your network, so you can make the most of your modem's potential.

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