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Beoplay E8 third generation, Bang & Olufsen's anti AirPods improve everything

Beoplay E8, gli AirPods di Bang & Olufsen raddoppiano l’autonomia

The top-of-the-range alternative to Apple's AirPods was introduced by Bang & Olufsen in 2017 with Beoplay E8, followed by the second generation and, at the beginning of last year, by the case for wireless charging: now the announcement of the new Beoplay E8 third model arrives generation.

Denmark's historic audio maker has improved its fully wireless headsets in every respect. First of all, the integrated technology: they are Bluetooth 5.1 devices, thus ensuring rapid pairing and a smooth user experience, with reduced energy consumption. Despite weight and small dimensions, the overall dimensions have been reduced by 17% and the autonomy more than doubled, weighing only 5.8 grams each.

Compared to the total 16 hours of autonomy of the previous model, the new third generation Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 works 7 hours on a single charge, with the possibility of obtaining 4 additional full refills from the elegant leather-covered transport case, thus achieving autonomy total of 35 hours. With moderate use, some users can thus listen to music and make calls for a whole week before having to recharge the included carrying case.

The manufacturer also employed the latest 3D moderation technologies to ensure that the third generation Beoplay E8 earphones are more comfortable and perfectly wearable for a greater number of users, even those with smaller ear pads. The integrated microphones have also doubled, going from two to four, with beamforming technology to ensure superior sound even during phone calls.Beoplay E8, Bang & Olufsen AirPods double autonomy

Finally, the quality of the audio reproduction has also been improved, thanks to the new bass port that allows air to enter and exit the acoustic chamber, allowing drivers more freedom of movement. Bang & Olufsen ensures more powerful and more precise bass. The new third-generation Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 fully wireless earbuds will be available for $ 390 as of February 14.

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