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Belkin Silicone Sleeve for iPhone 3G: the review

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Macitynet has got its hands on the Silicon Sleeve, Belkin branded iPhone 3G cover. The American accessory manufacturer always stands out for the quality of its accessories, well finished and capable of rigorously and perfectionistically carrying out the functions for which they were made.

Also in this case, the test of the Silicon Sleeve confirms the positive reputation of Belkin, who gives us an accessory of excellent workmanship and capable of keeping what it promises.

From an aesthetic point of view, the gadget has a gray cast, but with a back in which the dominant color intersects with yellow portions, with a modern and gritty design. This choice makes the surface knurled, facilitating safety in the grip of the Apple mobile phone.

The cover, made of a very flexible silicone, fits and separates very easily from the mobile phone, thanks to the material of fine workmanship, soft but not excessively. This aspect could perhaps be a problem in case the mobile phone falls too violently or suffered extreme shocks, being the protective material but thin enough.

It is thanks to this thickness that it is possible to access the volume controls and the sleep button through the silicone, all without any problem. The rest of the interfaces are left free, so you never have to take your phone out of the case.

Ultimately the Belkin Silicon Sleeve is an excellent product, perhaps not suitable for those seeking extreme protection, but ideal for anyone else. The price of the Belkin Silicon Sleeve of 25 euros. Recall that in Italy Belkin products are distributed by ADL and Ingram Micro.

For more details, please view the special photo gallery.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Pro: – Excellent material – Comfortable and handy cover – Perfect access to the controls

Versus: – Good but not extreme protection

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