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Belkin, many news

Belkin, many news – Macitynet.it

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Belkin has announced the availability of a series of accessories that support the new technologies introduced in San Francisco.

Interestingly, the Connect 2, a cable compatible with the IEEE 1394b standard and capable of connecting any type of FireWire 2 device to the new 17-inch PowerBook. The Connect 2 also available in a 9-pin 6-pin version to connect old FireWire peripherals to the new Mac.

Even more interesting is the series of devices for IEEE 802.11g, the new high speed wireless system. Belkin introduces a router, wireless access point, PCMCIA card and desktop card at lower prices than Apple. Unfortunately, for compatibility with the Mac you have to wait for the release of an installer that will arrive in February.

Belkin also presented a Bluetooth access point with connectivity for USB printers and a device that allows machines equipped with Bluetooth to communicate on the network or the Internet; this device also manages a USB printer

Belkin also unveiled a 2 × 1 USB switch that allows two computers to access the same USB device without being forced to connect and disconnect various cables.

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