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Belkin: JoyPod? it's a fake

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After the news, also taken up by Macity, which spread online about Belkin's alleged involvement in the design of a joypad for iPhone and iPod touch, iLounge contacted Belkin to find out if the American company was at work, as indicated by the rumors on the net. on that gadget.

Surprisingly Belkin denied categorically that he was the architect of the notorious "JoyPod", calling it a "false rumor" and that he had "no plans to release this product".

As noted by iLounge, through the SDK, Apple does not allow third parties direct access to the iPhone and iPod dock connection, not allowing applications for multitouch devices to access any accessories such as joypads or keyboards.

Obviously, as also demonstrated in the past by iControlPad, such a type of accessory is not impossible to make, as long as you have an unlocked iPhone (or iPod touch), which exploits all the applications that still make up the gray market for mobile of the Apple.

So if JoyPod is not a Belkin product, not said in any case that it is not an existing accessory, but only passed off as part of the future catalog of the American company.