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Belkin brings the iPad into the kitchen

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Belkin brings iPad to the kitchen. A series of accessories dedicated to the protection of the tablet near the stove and refrigerator so as not to scar them (or hit them fatally) from the splashes of sauces and food products or spills of liquid and accompany the preparation of lunches and delicacies by hearing a podcast, watching a movie or by consulting a gastronomic app, presented this morning.

Chef + Stylet stand (F5L099cw)

Chef + Stylet stand (F5L099cw) 29.99 Chef + Stylet a table stand, consisting of a case and a non-slip rubber base. The support can also be tilted for easy reading and includes a magnetic tip to activate iPad 2. Chef + Stylet washable and compatible with cases and iPad, iPad 2 (in addition to most 7 to 10-inch tablets).

Tablet holder for lockers (F5L100cw) – 34.99 The tablet holder for lockers allows you to suspend the tablet to a cabinet or a shelf, freeing the table. It is the ideal solution for watching TV, following cooking recipes or listening to music. The system easy to install and detach. For iPad, iPad 2.

Tablet holder for refrigerators (F5L098cw) 34.99 Belkin has also thought of using the smoothest (usually) and widest of surfaces: that of the refrigerator. With fridge tablet holder, liPad 2 can be fixed using 3M adhesive strips with a secure seal that detach without damaging the surface or leaving residues. An integrated magnetic strip is fixed to the iPad2 magnet to give greater stability.

Tablet holder for lockers (F5L100cw) Tablet holder for refrigerators (F5L098cw)