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Belkin: a preview look at the covers and accessories coming soon

Belkin audifi icon 600

Belkin: a preview look at the covers and accessories coming soon Belkin audifi icon 600

In the 1980s Belkin offered cables and connectors for the Apple world: over the years the business changed and expanded significantly, even with important acquisitions, out of all that of Linksys completed on 13 March. The Californian accessories multinational continues to work closely with Apple to offer customized covers and accessories, with attention to every aspect, another detail that Belkin shares with the Cupertino house.

In this article we insert the photo gallery of different Belkin covers and accessories that we have had the opportunity to view, touch and photograph in the Milan office. The collaboration with Cupertino allows Belkin to be among the first manufacturers to arrive on the market with accessories and covers ready for the new generations of iPhones and iPads: in order not to violate the confidentiality agreement with Apple, the characteristics, materials and functions of the new accessories are studied and implemented in prototypes built on the dimensions of iOS devices already on the market. Thanks to this ingenious trick, nothing is revealed of the new Apple devices coming soon. In the photo gallery, readers can view some iPad 4 covers with features, materials and functionality that we will find in the next generation of covers that Belkin will launch in stores only when Apple launches the new iPad models.

Belkin's close relationship with Apple has another important consequence: different suppliers of parts and materials, as well as some manufacturers are the same used by Cupertino. This is evident when unpacking a Belkin product and touching it with your hand. The consistency of the plastics, the feeling to the touch of aluminum and in general the quality of the first-rate materials in Belkin products and covers, sensations and qualities that Apple users have known well for years. Even the smell of different Belkin covers and accessories is identical or very similar to that felt when unboxing an Apple product.

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