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Behind Safari the Unix KDE environment

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Not Mozilla the base on which Safari was built. The new Apple browser instead stands on the foundations offered by KHTML, an Open Source browser designed to work in the Unix KDE environment (K Desktop Environment).

To declare his kinship with what, in fact, the competitor of Mozilla in Unix and Linux Apple itself: 'Safari' stands on the Cupertino website – it is based on the Konqueror project software. '

Konqueror is a Linux browser that has achieved a certain popularity in the Open Source environment and which is in turn based on KHTML, the rendering engine used by the KDE project to show Internet pages.

KHTML known for its agility and its speed and the respect of all the specifications of the WWW consortium. Characteristics that Jobs did not fail to underline forcefully during his speech yesterday.

Safari's Open Souce components are two: the WebCore and the JavaScript Core; WebCore founded, says apple, on KHTML taken from KDE 3.02.

Apple has announced that, based on the Open Source agreements, it will release the changes it has made to the code, making it publicly usable by anyone who wants to do so.

'We have been working on this project for a year,' said Jobs, 'and we think we have done great things. Someone has problems when it comes to Open Source, but we believe that this software development and implementation system is exceptional "

Those responsible for the KDE project, obviously satisfied with the implicit recognition offered to their work by Apple, agree that Apple has worked well. "From what you can see by reading the changelog," said Dirk Mueller, one of the major contributors to the KDE development project, "to the code and Konqueror will have benefits. They also improved the Java Script interpreter '

Apple's choice to use KHTML instead of Mozilla is seen as a defeat for the Open Source project that was once Netscape. Apple cconquister an important part of its users with Safari, part that could have been attracted to Netscape or to the many browsers that use Mozilla.