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Beautiful Android games: which ones to download to your smartphone?

Subway Surfers giochi Android belli

Have you recently purchased your new Android smartphone or have they given you the tablet you've been dreaming of for a long time? You will surely be doing an internet search on beautiful Android games to download. Take a look at the article. We point out our proposals.

Subway Surfers: As a player, you will need to help Jake, Tricky and Fresh escape from the inspector and his dog. A game of infinite run, set in a city context and marked by one colorful HD graphics and treated in detail. Are you ready to whiz between the trains with your group?

Spider-Man Unlimited beautiful Android games

Spider-Man Unlimited: by right among the beautiful Android games, if you like those of infinite run and i classic cartoons, since the atmosphere, the style of drawing and the enemies remember them very closely. There are two game modes: the first consists of an endless race on the New York streets, where the goal will consist in accumulating points and experience; the second, however, a set of missions, where you will have to face the bad guys on duty and take a series of objects on the fly. Ready to use your spider web?

Candy Crush Saga beautiful Android games

candy Crush Saga: one of the puzzle game more downloaded from the Play Store. The aim is to collect the most candy. If at first the game seems easy, going from level to level, things get more difficult, since the patterns become more complicated.

Clash Of Clans beautiful Android games

Clash Of Clans: we conclude the list of beautiful Android games with that of Supercell, halfway between the strategic and the management. You will have to build yours village, consolidating defenses to make it an impregnable stronghold, and creating your army of barbarians, sorcerers, archers, tamers of wild boars and dragons. Deploy cannons and mortars, build walls, towers and traps, plan alliances with other users around the world and form new clans.

With these games, fun is guaranteed.

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