avatar on facebook

Avatar on Facebook, the digital clone gives a smile

A few more smiles and a little less hatred with the arrival of digital smileys and the comforting data of malicious messages deleted from the social network.

You will have noticed in these days the arrival of avatars on Facebook. After the launch in the United States this fun feature now present on the social network also in Italy. Special reproductions can be created directly within the application. Avatars can then be used in comments or Messenger conversations also as stickers, in a similar way to what happens with Apple Memoji.

How to create the avatar on Facebook

avatar on facebook

To create your avatar on Facebook just select the comments section of any post and press the smiley face icon. Here, if you arrived on your profile, you should find the new option to build your own digital clone. You can choose the color of the skin, the shape of the face and body, eyes, hair, mouth and clothing. Once created, the avatar will be available within the comments on Facebook posts, and can always be accessed through the smiley icon.

A little smiles and less hate content

The avatars on Facebook are sure to bring a breath of joy in a moment where the statements from Menlo park speak of 9.6 million hate content deleted in the first quarter of the year. Nelreport covering the six months from October 2019 to March 2020 88.8 percent of the attacks were canceled without any notification from any user thanks to the intervention of moderators and technological eye, which improved the understanding of the language and the ability to analyze images in a unified way , text and comments to track down improper memes.

On Instagram the content removed out of hatred 805,900 were reported, but only 44.3 percent were identified before a report, both on Facebook and on Instagram, the percentage worsens in cases of bullying and harassment. Pre-reporting measures are 15.6 percent and 35.2 percent, respectively. And in both cases there is a slight drop compared to the previous months.