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Avalanche of news from Adobe

from well-informed sources, we learned that the localized and Italian version of Photoshop 6 should arrive by the end of November. The Italian lira prices of the update and of the complete package have not yet been decided.

The news that yesterday monopolized the attention was the release of Photoshop 6 and perhaps for this reason they have gone under some tone, various other initiatives and decisions of Adobe:

– Adobe chairman Bruce Chizen joins the Metastream and MetraCreations board of directors and Adobe itself reinforces its technological investments and commitment to Metrastram Corp to spread 3D content on the web. Yesterday, during a demonstration at the Seybold, Adobe technicians showed how easy it can be to visualize and rotate an object in 3D space, simply by clicking on a hyperlink in a document. Various 3D objects have been inserted and scaled inside a virtual bar where it was possible to order, update menus and interact with various "avatars".

– The acquisition of "Canoma", the MetaCreations package, will allow Adobe to release new graphic products for the web and not soon, and in many of these will be integrated various features deriving also from "Carrara" (modeling package 3D by Metacreations).

– Allaire Corporation announced a partnership with Adobe for the integration of Adobe's web development tools with the "Allaire Internet Business" platform. We recall that Adobe and Allaire have developed the project to integrate the GoLive 5 web-authoring package with Allaire's ColdFusion (applications that run on the ColdFusion Application server).

– Two new extensions for GoLive 5.0 (available at the end of the month), developed in collaboration with Nokia and Razorfish (the first developer of Wap services in the world), will allow the management of the Wireless Markup Language (WML) and the support of the i-mode mode, allowing you to design and manage dynamic websites for the mobile device market. Adobe has also announced its entry into the Wap-forum, the industry association responsible for the development of the WAP protocol.

The i-mode extension for GoLive 5.0, will allow Web developers to create compact HTML (cHTML) for NTT, DoCoMo, i-mode devices (in Japan alone it has 10 million users).

The i-mode module will be included directly in the Japanese version of GoLive 5.0. Users of the English and international version will be able to download the i-mode module and the WAP / WML module starting August 31 from the Adobe site.

– inScope, on the other hand, a publishing system that relies on InDesign and relying on the Web to offer another degree of integration and customization, supporting all phases of the creative process. The software will be marketed in September and the price will depend on the choices made by the system integrators.

(Edited by Mauro Notarianni)