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Automatically update programs on iPhone, iPad and iPod with Auto App Updater

Automatically update programs on iPhone, iPad and iPod with Auto App Updater


Auto App Updater: The Tweak that automatically updates your iOS Apps Cydia

New report from a interesting tweak of Cydia for iPhone, iPad and iPod.

What is it about today? The tweak that I recommend Auto App Updater.

What does Auto App Updater do? What is it for? Let's see it together immediately.

Auto Updater app a new tweak just landed on Cydia that will be very useful to anyone who has installed many applications and programs on their Apple device.

The tweak, in fact, allows you to automatically update applications on the iPhone, iPod and iPad. You no longer have to manually update individual programs, think of everythingAuto Updater app.In fact, automatically, the program will allow you to update applications when an update is present in the AppStore.

How does it work Auto Updater App?

After installing the Auto Updater App, you will need to configure the tweak options in the device settings menu in the Utility section.

First you will have to decide how to activate the tool: you will be able to choose when and which updates to install. In addition, you can choose to update applications only when connected to a WiFi network (recommended to save data traffic on the SIM).

In addition, you also find the ability to view which applications have recently been updated.

As you have seen, therefore, we are certainly dealing with a really useful tweak to manage the updates on your iPhone, iPad and iPod.

If interested, find itAuto Updater appin Cydia Store available for $ 2.99 through the repo ofModMyI.

Try it and let us know what you think.

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