Automatic configuration iOS 11: how it works

Automatic configuration iOS 11: how it works

Apple recently released the new iOS 11, with which several important new features have been introduced. Among these, there is a very interesting one that could greatly simplify the setup of a new Apple device. This is the function ofiOS 11 automatic configuration, which has the task of making the configuration phase of the first ignition of an iPhone and iPad easier. If you have purchased the new iPhone 8 and need to configure it for the first time, read on and you will discover how simple it is now to enter all the data needed to make the new iDevice work.

How to use the iOS 11 automatic configuration

The first time we turn on our new iPhone or iPad with versions prior to iOS 11, we are forced to have to follow an initial configuration procedure in which we have to enter different information, such as your email and wi-fi password. Although this is not a complex procedure, Apple has decided to simplify it – and above all speed it up – even more, by introducing a new function in iOS 11 called "automatic configuration".

In practice, with this new option we should no longer manually enter email addresses and passwords. The operation is very similar to that already seen for the Apple Watch configuration, in which we should do nothing but bring the new Apple device closer to one already configured. Here is the exact procedure to follow:

N.B. To work, both devices will need to be updated to iOS 11 (pre-installed on the new iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X).IOS 11 automatic configuration 1

IOS 11 automatic configuration

  1. Let's turn on the new device and bring it closer to that old already configured;
  2. we press the key Home on the old device to start the automatic configuration process;
  3. will be shown on the screen of the device already configured a confirmation message saying "Configure the new iPhone / iPad". We accept by pressing "Keep it going";
  4. a circular image will appear on the screen of the new device to configure;
  5. we frame the image above with the old device camera;
  6. we wait a few seconds and we insert on the new device the unlock code of the old device.

At this point we will have our new iPhone or iPad configured exactly like the previous one already in our possession, with the same Apple ID, Wi-Fi password and email addresses.

After completing the procedure, you will then be asked if you want to configure the device as new or restore it via iCloud or iTunes backup.